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Biova™ Hemp offers full supply chain transparency, from seed to shelf.

More and more consumers are searching out information on where their food and other agricultural products are grown. “Transparency” has become a top 10 trend according to New Hope Natural Media.

Biova™ Hemp is organically grown on our farms in Colorado

We utilize organic procedures to grow our hemp, which is tested to be free of heavy metals and other chemical contaminants. *We are not “certified organic”, but we grow in accordance with organic principles.

Biova™ Hemp is precision extracted

We extract and & distill in our state-of-the-art facilities to ensure purity of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp oil extracts.

Biova™ Hemp Isolates Cannabinoids to precise standards

Our single molecule isolates (CBD and other Cannabinoids) are guaranteed pure.

Biova™ Hemp CBD Isolate is guaranteed to be at least 99.99% THC

Virtually 100% THC-Free – THC is “not detectable” to thousandths of a percent in third-party testing.

Biova™ Hemp assures product quality and potency

Our precision extraction and isolation under strict GMP standards in our FDA-compliant facility ensures the highest quality and ensures that Biova Hemp delivers label-stated potency.